In the trend towards globalization, the advent of technological innovations connects the world closer together than ever before.  Cultural integration now coexists with diversity.

Comparing with the past, the development of jewellery experienced a long history in human civilization. The meanings, forms, materials and definitions … of jewellery show differently in diverse cultural backgrounds.

Globalization brings more possibilities of contemporary art and jewellery. As jewellery designer, we are now standing on a high peak of contemporary jewellery weaves of developments. I am working with diverse of cheap materials like plastic, resin, rubber… and try to question what are the possibilities could jewellery be to audiences. With a set of questions in mind, I am trying to get the answers in critical works: Does material really matters in evaluation of jewellery? What could high technologies bring to jewellery designer nowadays? Does the new period of tech-jewellery coming soon?

At this stage, I am using electrical magnets presents high technology in the contemporary society, combining with precious materials and creating a collection of levitating works.

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